I am qualified and fully trained in the treatment to reduce the size and appearance of healthy moles  using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures of Electrolysis techniques.

It is essential to assess the health of the mole through a comprehensive skin consultation.

In many cases healthy moles can be  pigmented or small blemishes on the skin that often appear in the first few decades of life in almost everyone. Unusual irregular shaped or pigmented moles can indicate an increased risk of melanoma, however  malignant melanomas can develop  from both existing moles or from healthy skin.

The ABCDE rule helps recognise suspicious moles.
B—Blurred Borders (irregular, or jagged edge)
C– Colour variation
D– Diameter larger than 5mm (1/4 inch),
E—Elevation (especially when uneven)
E– Evolution (changes over time).

Referral to a GP may be necessary prior to treatment.